5 Ways to Look Younger

It is possible to look younger without spending a lot of money. Achieving this look can be done naturally and safely too. It can be done with makeup or simply changing to a new hairstyle. Knowing the right beauty products to use and how to use them well can have you looking years younger than you actually are. The look youngfollowing are some of the easiest 5 ways to look younger.

1. Stay optimistic and stress free

Stress can cause sleep problems, depression, anxiety and hypertension among other health conditions. It can also weigh you down and have you look drained. Try a number of relaxation techniques such as meditation and exercises such as yoga to help your body rejuvenate making you feel and look younger. Being in a good mood and remaining optimistic will have you look better for longer especially if you learn to smile and laugh more.

2. Add volume to your hair and let it loose

Voluminous hair will make you look younger. Giving your hair some volume depends on how you style it including the kind of hair products and brushing items you use on it. A rounded brush will be more helpful in getting the desired results. Do not have your hair held too tightly as it makes any lines on the face more visible. Instead, try a looser hairstyle.

3. Get your skin healthy and glowing

Make your skin glow by placing on your face cloth soaked in cold milk. It will allow for exfoliation and have the face feeling softer as well. Keeping the entire skin soft and healthy will be done by ensuring that you drink enough water to stay hydrated. Moisturizers are also very essential in acquiring a smoother look as well as making the fine lines less visible. Skin products containing collagen will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Keep your lips soft, healthy and looking good

Creams and lip treatment will hydrate and make lips softer, moisturized and fuller. Select lipstick color similar to the color of your lips while you were at your younger age. Very dark lipstick colors are not advisable, instead, keep it light and can even add some lip gloss on top. Fuller lips can be achieved using a lip liner.

5. Keep your teeth white

Maintain good dental hygiene by brushing, flossing and ensuring to visit a dentist. Also maintain a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables included while avoiding foods and drinks that will stain your teeth. You can have the teeth whitened by the dentist in case they are already stained or use whitening toothbrush. Watch the color of lipstick you wear as well as some colors will have the teeth looking dull.

Finally, effort to look younger, some habits however, need to be avoided. Some of these include applying to much make up and plucking eyebrows too much. Keep the make up on the eyes minimal but remember that having no eye makeup will have one looking older as well. Avoid baggy clothes as well as outfits that conceal your neck. Failing to exercise will also not help you look any younger

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