Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two serious episodes of overwhelming fear and anxiety. As these attacks come without warning, they pose similar symptoms as those with cardio related and thyroid problems. Like depressionheart attacks, these episodes are characterized by tingling and numbing of extremities, heart palpitations, fainting, uncontrollable shaking, cold and clammy skin with bouts of profuse sweating, and dizziness or nausea.

People with nervous breakdown often experiences these symptoms and would at times experience mental and emotional turmoil. These mental and emotional symptoms include thoughts of death, fear of the unknown, fear of social embarrassment and loss of control.

As with every situation we encounter, our senses are heightened, with signals being sent to our brain to either fight the situation or fly from it. This reaction is commonly called “fight or flight”, wherein one is driven to act according to his instincts.

Panic, as we call this reaction, is the body’s normal response to threat. But when it reaches the point where panic overwhelms one with no particular reason and with no precise timing, full panic attacks are at hand. If these anxiety and depressions are compounded with overwhelming fear of experiencing another attack, we now have an anxiety disorder.

This anxiety disorder is not mental in nature, but more on behavioral. Though many causes are being pointed as the triggering factors, stress is still the main cause ofanxiety and depression. Treating anxiety disorder could be done in a number of stages that starts with proper diagnosis.

When you go to a therapist, the first step in treating anxiety is to de-stress and to revitalize yourself. These should then be augmented by medications like downers and anti-depressants. If you are wary of the effects of these medicines or apprehensive about creating a dependency on them, there are a few effective natural ways to reduce anxiety and depression


Mediation is among the most effective natural treatments ofanxiety and depression. The best way to reduce the two is by avoiding stress and promoting body relaxation.

Meditation is an ancient practice of inner healing that focuses on the relaxation of mind and body through concentration. It is advised that meditation is done first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

At daybreak, one is encouraged to start meditation to promote clarity of mind. De-cluttering one’s thoughts at the start of the day would help in carrying out tasks more easily the whole day. This would help in promoting peace of mind and emotional clarity.

Meditating at the end of the day will help one relax and go through the events of the day and reflect on the different issues faced throughout. Taking time to sift through thoughts and emotions will help us sleep soundly at night.

Reducing Stress

Stress indeed plays a vital role in anxiety and depression. Reducing stress helps overcome anxiety disorders. Its important to let go those things which are beyond your control. Take things simple and do what is right of you in the right time.

Exercise and Dieting

Remember to take care of your body by engaging in physical fitness activities and by incorporating healthy and organic food into your diet. Stay away from sweets and carbohydrates and try drinking chamomile tea before bedtime to help you relax.

Speak it Out

Do not hesitate to speak with your physician if you find yourself suffering from anxiety. Be open about your thoughts, emotions and concerns with friends and loved ones. Do not keep things to yourself and carry the world upon your shoulders. Life is beautiful. And without anxiety disorder, we can truly live it to the fullest!

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